Tristin + Victoria Ray

Wedding at Stella Springs

My best friend, my person, my partner in crime, my cousin. You’re officially married.


It feels like we’ve been talking about this day forever. Sitting on Nana’s couch as she cooked us cheesy rice and chicken, with the whole world at our feet, not knowing where it would take us, not knowing where we would end up.


But over the years, despite the miles wedged between as we attended separate colleges, we have spoken almost every single day, whether through Snapchat, social media memes, or FaceTime calls late at night when a text just wouldn’t do it. We have laughed so hard tears rolled down our faces, and we have held each other and cried.


And so Monday, I stood with my camera in my hand, and captured you marrying the man of your dreams. It’s always been my duty as your person to spot red flags before you, to tell you when the guy you’re dating is never going to be good enough for you. It’s my job to ensure that you never settle for even a fraction less than you deserve. But with this one, with Tristin Ray, all I have ever felt for you is absolute certainty that he will make you happy for the rest of your life.


So today, my beautiful best friend and cousin, enjoy your wedding sneak peek.